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  • "Good Things Happen in Philadelphia" Mug

    • Say goodbye to the jabronies who claim that only bad things happen in Philadelphia so that we can come together to celebrate all of the good things that happen here. Philadelphia is where democracy was born in 1776 and it’s also where democracy was saved in 2020 when we collectively swung the tide of an election, ultimately getting us back on track to truly making America great again. This design, featuring our very own iconic Liberty Bell in all its glory, is a symbol of unity, hope, and positivity that emanates from the City of Brotherly Love – the one city that the entire free world can count on when push comes to shove.

      1. Designed by real Philadelphians after a few rounds of Yuengling to inspire creativity
      2. Perfect for Wawa coffee, but can also be used for tea if you're highfalutin.
      3. Classic and durable ceramic mug (because mugs made of loose leaf paper did not score well with consumers in early product development testing).
      4. Rounded corners for a smooth, easy drinking experience (sharp jagged corners also did not test well with consumers).
      5. C-handle for a natural grip when drinking coffee (but you can easily extend your pinky if drinking tea)
      6. Definitely not made in a sweatshop, but we are looking into ways we can force the children of Cowboys fans into cheap labor

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Great Customer Service!

    Ryan helped immensely and responded quickly when it came to a package showing up late and another not showing up at all. I will definitely order from you guys again solely based off customer service.

    Liz Sullivan
    I love it!

    This mug has quickly become my favorite. Great size, color and message because "Good Things Happen in Philadelphia."

    Love this mug!

    I had to get this mug for my dad, a lifelong Philadelphia who loves his city. It’s a great quality mug with an even better sentiment. Highly recommend!


    Great sized mug. The sentiment is perfect.

    Scott King
    Top notch

    Awesome mug. Great quality. Bloody huge too.