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    Phillygoat was created by three brothers who grew up in Delco and were raised on a steady diet of Wawa hoagies, Pica's pizza, and Rita's wooder ice. Legend has it that one day in the mid '80s the brothers attended a Phillies game at Veteran's Stadium, and were fortunate enough to meet Mike Schmidt after the game as he was signing autographs. It just so happened that one of Schmidty's mustache hairs became dislodged and fortuitously landed on the soft pretzel that the brothers had been sharing at the time. Rather than discard the stray hair, the enterprising young men saved that hair and cared for it everyday, nurturing it back to health. They planted the hair in their backyard where it could receive ample sunlight and they continued to water it each and every day. Eventually, from that one strand of Mike Schmidt's mustache hair grew an entire cotton field that now yields some of the most unique and comfortable Philly-themed clothes on earth, which we now sell to the greater Philadelphia area and beyond.

    To this day, we continue to celebrate Philadelphia culture by providing our customers with top quality products that honor the City of Brotherly Love, a.k.a. the greatest city of all time. We love our hometown and want to share that pride with the world. Our dream is for Philly to take over the universe - one t-shirt at a time, so let's realize that dream together.

    We hope you enjoy our shop, and look forward to seeing you repping Philly wherever you are, because if you have ties to Philly, then you are Phamily.

    Phillygoat founder Ryan Cassidy with his daughter Devin on the day the Eagles won the Super Bowl. (They both attempted to climb a greased lightpole moments after this photo was taken.)