“Honest. Insightful. Journalism.”

These words have never been used to describe Philly Goat.

That’s because Philly Goat marches to the bleat of a different drum. Since our inception in 1776, we haven’t been afraid to back down from the truth. In fact, we were the only Philadelphia-based publisher that took a pro-Red Coat stance during the Revolutionary War, printing such historic pamphlets as “Hey Guys, Let’s Just Calm The Fuck Down And Pay This Tea Tax” and “George Washington: First President Or Worst President?

It’s on this foundation that today, we are launching the Philly Goat web log (or “blog” for short).

And YOU can be a part of it.  Pitch us your hard-hitting stories & ideas. We will probably just steal them. You will absolutely not get paid. We’ve been told that’s how the internet works.

Go forth, Philadelphia, and be herd.