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  • Lenny Dystra played center field for the Phils from 1989 to 1996 and he quickly became a fan-favorite for his hard-nosed play. In addition to leaving his mark on the game with his hustle, Lenny also left a literal mark on center field with a tobacco spit stain so large that the Vet actually had to be demolished because of it. True story. Pay tribute to Lenny and that enormous wad of chewing tobacco he used to pack into his bulging cheek with this Red Man chewing tobacco logo parody hoodie.

    SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING: This product may cause unsolicited compliments from fellow Phillies fans.

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    1. Designed by real Philadelphians after a few rounds of Yuengling to inspire creativity
    2. Cotton / poly fabric blend so soft we challenge you not to hold it against your cheek whilst saying, “ooooohhhh… aaahhhhhhh…”
    3. Relaxed unisex fit that you’ll never want to take off, like a fat kid at the pool
    4. Front pouch pocket is the perfect size for transporting a Dalessandro’s cheese steak or Wawa hoagie
    5. Definitely not made in a sweatshop, but we are looking into ways we can force the children of Cowboys fans into cheap labor
  • We print all of our designs using only the highest quality inks and finest threads in the game so that your hoodie is both eye-popping and long-lasting. Here's how to keep that jawn looking like new for as long as possible:

    1. Machine wash: warm (max 40C or 105F)
    2. Bleach as needed
    3. Tumble dry: medium
    4. Iron, steam or dry: low heat
    5. Do not dryclean
    6. Do not attempt to eat, snort, or use as a suppository
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