"The Gang Teaches Ben Simmons How to Shoot" Tee

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  • We purged all of the #25-related merch from our site except for this one because it's an all-time classic. This was the Always Sunny in Philadelphia episode that 76ers fans were dying to see during the infamous Ben Simmons era. He was a world class talent whose basketball potential was as intoxicating as his inability to shoot was mind-boggling. Time after time we were left scratching our heads wondering why one of the best athletes in the universe who got paid millions of dollars to play basketball for a living would still get shot under the table by my 10-year-old niece Sally in a game of H-O-R-S-E… But alas, we still have dreams of what could have been if only Mac, Charlie, Dennis, Dee, and Frank had the chance to take the kitten mittens off of Ben and fix his shooting form with some tough love and fight milk. We already know the D.E.N.N.I.S. system could've taught Ben how to score off the basketball court, and we would've loved to have seen the Gang’s collective wisdom teach him how to score on it. This script would've pretty much written itself…

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    1. Designed by real Philadelphians after a few rounds of Yuengling to inspire creativity
    2. Classic crewneck t-shirt because v-necks are more of a douchey NYC / L.A. thing
    3. Cotton / poly fabric blend for a shirt so soft and lightweight we challenge you not to hold it against your cheek whilst saying, “ooooohhhh… aaahhhhhhh…”
    4. Printed with a special ink fade for a more vintage look
    5. Relaxed unisex fit that you’ll never want to take off, like a fat kid at the pool
    6. Definitely not made in a sweatshop, but we are looking into ways we can force the children of Cowboys fans into cheap labor
  • We print all of our designs using only the highest quality inks and finest threads in the game so that your shirt is both eye-popping and long-lasting. Here's how to keep that jawn looking like new for as long as possible:

    1. Machine wash: warm (max 40C or 105F)
    2. Non-chlorine: bleach as needed
    3. Tumble dry: low heat
    4. Iron, steam or dry: medium heat
    5. Do not dryclean
    6. Do not attempt to eat, snort, or use as a suppository

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Googles “Ben Simmons sucks shirt”..

For Ben Simmons return to Philly I needed a shirt for the game that showed he sucks and I hate him. This was a great shirt to tie Philly (Always Sunny) into a subtle jab at him. It went over well at Wells Fargo and I am very happy with quality and the fast shipping.

Tanisha D.
The Gang

Thank you Phillygoat. My hubs loved the shirt. Sixers news has been filling our house forever. Talk had just quieted down about Simmons. It was a father's day gift and he loved it. The reference to always sunny was icing on the cake. That jawn is fire. Thank you we can represent our native Philly and it's uniqueness wherever we go. I do wish you offered 4x in your shirts but the 3x did work.

Marc Mancuso
Dated but who cares

Awesome shirt and should do it for other failing athletes in Philly

Doug Ferguson
awesome, comfortable shirt

As a fan of IASIP, this was a must have. I can hear the theme song everytime i wear it. Well done Phillygoat.

Jason Jalihal
My order

Everything looked good and was what I wanted