Schuylkill River Mermaid Ceramic Mug

  • The Schuylkill River isn't the cleanest, but it gets the job done and has a lot of character - just like the legendary mermaid that swims up and down its current and who is routinely spotted near Boat House Row. She may not win any prizes for her outward appearance, but she sure does have a great personality.

    This coffee mug pays tribute to the Schuylkill's resident mermaid who proves there's more to being magical than just looks.

    1. Designed by real Philadelphians after a few rounds of Yuengling to inspire creativity
    2. Perfect for Wawa coffee, but can also be used for tea if you're highfalutin.
    3. Classic and durable ceramic mug (because mugs made of loose leaf paper did not score well with consumers in early product development testing).
    4. Rounded corners for a smooth, easy drinking experience (sharp jagged corners also did not test well with consumers).
    5. C-handle for a natural grip when drinking coffee (but you can easily extend your pinky if drinking tea)
    6. Definitely not made in a sweatshop, but we are looking into ways we can force the children of Cowboys fans into cheap labor

Customer Reviews

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Sean from SEPA
Accurate representation of SRM

Believe it or not, I've actually seen the Schuylkill River Mermaid, and this is what they looks like. Aside from that, placing them on a mug is a great way to place the onus on others to start the conversation with you, since no one likes talking before their morning cup o' joe.

Teresa Gallagher
Happy Son

My son loved this ! Great gift idea :)

Megan murtagh
I love it!

I got the mug and I absolutely love this. It’s a nice sturdy mug that holds a lot. I also appreciated how well you packaged the mug.