Dear Arby’s: It’s time for sweaters

What do you do when you can't stand your winter clothes?

Each week, readers mail in their personal questions to local Arby’s store #7728, to be answered by the friendly, knowledgeable staff. Welcome to Dear Arby’s.

Dear Arby’s: It’s almost October, and I realized it’s time to pull out my cold weather clothes. When I took out all my sweaters and turtlenecks, however, I realized I hate them all! I don’t have the budget to buy a completely new wardrobe, but I think if I have to wear this much wool this year I’m going to throw up until springtime. What should I do?  -DISTRESSED IN A SWEATER DRESS

Dear Distressed in a Sweater Dress: Fall is here! Did you know we just debuted our new Pumpkin Cheesecake Shake? It features the thrilling combination of ice cream, pumpkin, pie crust flavoring, and probably nutmeg!

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