3rd Street Laundromat is Philly’s Hottest New Speakeasy

Get your quarters ready – we take our first look inside Philly's most exclusive new speakeasy.

The front door is difficult to see through, peeking through the spiderweb break in the glass. The tiles are caked in dust and dirt, and the hum of over two dozen washing machines offer an ambiance unlike that of its competition.

Welcome to 3rd Street Laundromat – the new standard for underground cocktail bars.

“3rd Street is sexy. There’s something so secretive about this bar. They didn’t even offer me a menu so everything is [presumably] off-menu.”

They do, however, have a charming, laundry-themed cocktail list crudely taped onto a decaying concrete wall. The “dry clean” is a reasonable $12. Tailor adjustments follow a similarly priced scale.

An excited Old City resident gets her first look inside Philly's hippest speakeasy
An excited Old City resident gets her first look inside Philly’s hippest speakeasy

The large crowd of patrons seemed to be loving their experience, some so bold as to “dress up” for the night by carrying bags of unwashed garments into the establishment.

“I like that people really get into it”, reported one Fishtown resident. She continues, “I ordered the ‘Steam-Pressed Button Down Shirt, and I guess I was expecting it to be whiskey-based. I never got my drink, but they did literally steam-press my shirt. Pretty cool.”

“I was really impressed” reported another hopeful diner. “They wouldn’t serve us a single drink. It was really authentic to the experience of being in a laundromat.”

Owner Dominic Henry plays up the incognito nature of the establishment, shooing cameras and repeating the words, “this is not a bar, it’s an actual laundromat.”

We’re along for the ride, Dom.

3rd Street Laundromat

Consensus :3rd Street Laundromat is hot. Very hot. Owner Dominc Henry promises industrial fans are running, but this mixology journo didn’t feel the breeze. Still, it’s a real gem. This will be THE speakeasy in Philadelphia to try get into this fall.

Pros: We loved the authenticity of the laundromat speakeasy experience. And the proprietor was meticulously detailed in his role as “laundromat owner”,  going so far as “calling the police” for “trespassing.”

Cons: You’ll want to build a taste for their signature cocktail, which we thought tasted like fabric softener. During the course of our evening, I accidentally spilled a little of my drink on my pants, and I honestly think it left my khakis looking and smelling really clean.

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